Bamiyan Panorama

Bamiyan Panorama

Friday, July 15, 2011

Help the Somalian drought refugees!

If you have any money to spare, please donate it to any NGO/Non Profits that are helping the Somalian civilians who are starving and are refugees.  Please do your own research to make sure where your money is going. 

*update - here is an aid organization that seems to be doing great things:  click on this link > HIJRA

These are pictures from the BBC of a refugee camp in Kenya.

Two-year-old, Aden Salaad, looks up toward his mother, unseen, as she bathes him in a tub at a Doctors Without Borders hospital, where Aden is receiving treatment for malnutrition, in Dagahaley Camp, outside Dadaab, Kenya

Nado Mahad Abdilli builds a makeshift shelter for her family in Iffou 2

Somali parents care for their young children who are being treated for malnutrition, at a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Dagahaley Camp, outside Dadaab, Kenya.

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