Bamiyan Panorama

Bamiyan Panorama

Friday, July 29, 2011

Development Plans for Kabul as told by the Governor's website


Publish Date: Jul 03, 2011
Description:  This sector has total 15 projects, and all projects are with high priority.
NoName and Details of ProjectLocation
1Construction of sub streets and bridges from district centers to villages
Khak-e-Jabar, Kalakan, Surobi, Chahar Asyab, Bagrami, and Shakardara
2Providing potable drinking water by digging up wells and establishing water networks
Musahi, Qarabagh, Paghman, Guldara, Farzah, and Khak-e-Jabr
3Construction of turn up dams and water reservoirs
Paghman, Guldara, Chahar Asyab, Surobi,  and Farzah
4Cleaning and rehabilitating of Karizes and concreting of Kariz’s tops
Mirbachakot, Kalakan, Qarabagh, Khak-e-Jabar and Chahar Asyab
5Distribution of certified seeds and fertilization and machinery services
Shakardara,Surobi,Paghman, Chahar Asyab, Guldara, Farzah, Bagrami And Khak-e-Jabar
6Construction of Public cold storages for keeping up the fruits and vegetablesQarabagh, Estalif, Shakardara, Kalakan, Surobi, Khak-e-Jabar,Musahi, Bagrami, and Paghman
7Construction of retaining wall along river and flood
Qarabagh, Estalif, Kalakan, Surobi, khak-e-Jabar, Musahi, Bagrami, Paghman, and Shakardara
8Reforming of gardening system to modern system
Paghman, Surobi, Shakardara, guldara, and farzah
9Reforming of vine keeping system to modern system in 8 districts
Mirbahchakot, Kalakan, Farzah, Qarabagh, guldara, Farzah, Shakardara, and DehSabz
10Reforming of livestock by impregnation veterinary clinicsSurobi, DehSabz, Kalakan, Guldara, Farzah, and Mirbachakot
11Construction of basic bridges over the riverEstalif, Kalakan, Mirbachakot, and Musahi
12Construction of and concreting of drainages
Surobi, Chahar Asyab, khak-e-Jabar, Kalakan, Estalif and Farzah
13Construction of retaining wall along the river
Farzah, Estalif, Paghman, Surobi, and Musahi
14Construction and extension of water network from Parwan to ShakardaraKalakan, Mirbachakot, and Shakardara
15Establishing of agriculture cooperativesKhak-e-Jabar, Surobi, Musahi, farzah, Guldara, and Deh Sabz


Publish Date: Jul 03, 2011
Description: This sector has total 18 projects, and all projects are with high priority.
NoName and Details of ProjectLocation
1Admitting of Qala-e-Musa-e-Qarabagh, Zema, Kalakan, Kamari, and khojja Mosafer-e-Paghman Clinics in PCH programKalakan, Qarabagh and Paghman districts
2Construction and admission of Bagh-e-Aroq CHC of Qarabagh in PCH program, and Establishing ambulance service in Barik Ab refugee town in QarabaghBagh-e-Aroq’ Qarabagh
3Prompting Chahar Asyab 20 beds hospital to 30 beds and construction of building for Chahar Asyab public hospital Chahar Asyab center
4Promoting of Bagrami CHC to CHC+ and Establishing Ambulance serviceWalayati villageBagrami
5Promoting of Khak-e-Jabar CHC to CHC+Khak-e-Jabar district center
6Promoting of Shakardara CHC to CHC+ and Admitting of Shakardara 20 beds clinic to PCH programShakardara district center
7Establishing 30 beds hospital in PaghmanPaghman district center
8Promoting Deh Naw CHC to CHC+Deh Naw Guldara
9Construction of clinic building and Establishing CHC+ and Sub center in Bostan villageFarzah District
10Promoting CHC to CHC beds Clinic in Pol-e-SangiDeh Sabz
11Construction of Deh yahya clinic building and its admission of this clinic and Baba Qoshqar clinic in PCH programDeh Yahya, Deh Sabz
12Promoting of Meya Khil CHC to CHC+Musahi
13Establishing a 20 beds traumatic center  
Surobi center
14Construction of Goga Monda CHC building and establishing ambulance serviceSurobi, Guga Monda
15Promoting CHC to CHC+ in Estalif   Estalif Bed


Publish Date: Jul 03, 2011
Description: This sector has total 15 projects, and all projects are with high priority.
NoName and Details of ProjectLocation
1Construction of primary girls schoolKhak-e-Jabar district
2Construction of 8 classes primary schoolGhazi Abad
3Construction of 3 high schools
Naw  Abad, Charkh Abad, Gulbuta villages in Bagrami
4Construction of one schoolUlya Shams, Chahar Asyab
5Repairing of Koti Setara in Bagh-e-OmomiPaghman
6Establishing, and constructing two schoolsKhak-e-Jabar
7Construction of 10 buildings for education directoratesBagrami
8Establishing and constructing of 4 schoolsIn 10 districts of Kabul province
9Construction of water reservoirs in 9 schoolsMusahi
10Establishing two new school in Alokhil DamMusahi
11Construction of two school for girlsMusahi
12Construction of cultural centers in all 14 districtsAll 14 districts of Kabul province
13Rehabilitation of Estalif bed and HotelEstalif
14Construction of 6 girls schoolsKalakan
15Construction of one religious school( Darul Ulom)Mirbachakot


Publish Date: Jul 03, 2011
Description: In this sector there is total 25 projects are included, which 15 projects of them has high priority and 10 projects has low priority.
NoName and Details of ProjectLocation
1Asphalting of road in Musahi district, 12KM from Kabul Logar road to MusahiMusahi district
2Asphalting of road, 11KM from Beni Hessar to Bagrami DistrictBagrami district
3Asphalting of road from Deh Yahya to Deh Sabz districtDeh Sabz
4Construction of Surobi energy network system (whole Surobi)Surobi district
5Transferring energy cable from Hodkhil station to Deh Sabz and its villagesDeh Sabz
6Survey and construction of Sardara village Dam in Estalif
7Survey and digging of Parwan Canal from Panjshir river to Koh Daman districts of Kabul province
8Providing energy power for Bagrami district (whole district)
9Construction of retaining wall over Paghman river
10Construction of retaining wall over along Logar river
11Construction of retaining wall over Esterghich riverQarabagh district
12Construction of 600M retaining wall in Bagh-e-Alam villageQarabagh district
13Construction of 4KM retaining wall over Farzah riverFarzah district
14Construction of retaining wall in Aqa Sarai and Chamcha Mast viallages, (Asphalting of Aqa Sarai road to the center should be replaced with retaining wall)Kalakan district
15Construction of retaining wall over Estalif riverQarabagh district

All this can be found on the website of the Kabul GovernerI'm looking forward to researching these and seeing what steps are taken to attain these goals. 

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