Bamiyan Panorama

Bamiyan Panorama

Friday, October 04, 2013

Akram Khan - a 13 year old boy in Kabul

    Photographer: Fardin Waezi
August 2013 Featured Photographer of the Month
Title: Victims of War

Akram Kahn's Story

I went to Pakistan with my family during civil war. We were not well off and it was hard to live in Afghanistan during winter. Because we are poor we needed to collect wood for winter. Once when I was out collecting wood, there was a cable in the forest. I did not notice it and when I touched it, it shocked me and threw me 25 meters away.
After a month in the hospital I woke up and when I saw my hands were cut off I was crying, my family was crying. There was no chance, there was only hope and I could not do anything. After three months my family and I returned  to Kabul and I am now living in an IDP camp in front of Dalaman. My job is to collect money, be a beggar, asking money from people. I am responsible for the nine members of the family.
I really like to study and I also like to play computer games, play on the cellphone, like to play football and other things.

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