Bamiyan Panorama

Bamiyan Panorama

Friday, June 08, 2012

Lion Fights for Clean and Green Kabul

The Kabul Municipality and USAID launch the “Cleaning and Greening” campaign in the capital.
Through Shir Sultan’s adventures in coloring books, billboards and posters, the children of Kabul learn how to plant trees and keep the city clean and beautiful for years to come.

“Shir Sultan” (Lion King) marked his first International Earth Day event on the 22nd of April at the International School of Kabul where H.E. Mayor Nowandish introduced the children’s mascot and distributed coloring books that tell the story of how garbage is collected by the municipality. The Mayor also hailed the role children play in communicating the need for a cleaner and greener city for their future. The event marked the start of USAID-funded “Cleaning and Greening Campaign” in Kabul.
Kabul is Afghanistan’s window to the world, a rapidly growing city of five million with major challenges in city service provision and in maintaining a clean environment and green public space, especially after decades of war. The Kabul Municipality and USAID launched the “Cleaning and Greening Campaign” to animate both young and old to get their hands dirty and help make Kabul a cleaner and greener city for all. Through his adventures, “Shir Sultan” will teach the children of Kabul how to plant trees and keep the city clean and beautiful for years to come.
During the next few months while the campaign is ongoing children will follow “Shir Sultan’s” adventures as he teaches them how to properly dispose of garbage in the dumpster, wash their hands daily after touching trash, and how to help their parents plant and water trees. Not only does “Shir Sultan” appear in coloring books, he will soon be showing up on billboards, posters, and on TV to pass his message to the children of Kabul.
“Shir Sultan” and all brochures, posters, fliers and billboards for this campaign are being designed, developed and produced by local Afghan companies.

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