Bamiyan Panorama

Bamiyan Panorama

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

is Sahar Gul relevant anymore?

I think Sahar Gul may have disappeared.  So has Maida Khal.  There is absolutely nothing on the internet giving an update on Sahar Gul.  The latest news on her was back in early to mid February.  I am hoping and assuming that she is recovering nicely. 

I wonder how Maida Khal is doing.  I'm assuming that she is still in prison.  She asked for a divorce and was thrown in jail.  She can't leave jail because she doesn't have a 'male guardian'.  Her husband is about 50 years older than her and is either partially or fully paralyzed.  Maybe she is better off in jail.  That way she doesn't get beaten anymore by her husband's family. 

An internet cafe was recently opened in Kabul for women only.  They named it "Sahar Gul Internet Cafe".  Apparently there are plenty of internet cafes in Kabul but women get harrased when they go there.  How wierd is that? (from my perspective, anyway)  Can men really not handle themselves around women? 

Well, if anyone knows how Sahar Gul is doing, please post a comment here. 

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