Bamiyan Panorama

Bamiyan Panorama

Friday, August 05, 2011

Photos of Afghanistan before and after

1st photo, Kabul in 1970 
2nd photo, the same intersection in 1993 during the civil war. 

Taken in 1994

Kabul Traffic Photograph by John Moore/Getty Images
This 2006 photo of the old district in Kabul, Afghanistan, shows one of the effects of the influx of foreign capital following the expulsion of the Taliban. Thousands of people have bought cars with their newfound wealth, leading to hours-long traffic snarls on streets previously plied mainly by donkey carts and bicycles.

At top: Darul Aman palace in the 70's. 
At bottom: After the fall of the Taliban - notice the trees are all gone?

At top:  The Queen's palace in the 70's. 
At bottom:  After the fall of the Taliban.
(is this the Queen's palace or the museum?  Let me know if my caption needs correcting) 

Kabul (and other cities) used to have movie theaters that were popular to go to.  At bottom is a photo taken recently of what used to be a theater in Kabul.  Unfortunately the theater has turned into something negative, and respectable people no longer go to theaters.

Paghman Gardens used to be a nice and relaxing place to get out of the city and have a picnic. 
This top picture is actually a postcard showing what it looked like in the 70's.  The 2nd picture is an aerial view of Paghman- note the monument.  The 3rd photo shows all that remains of the monument in the gardens today after the Russians, Mujahideen, and Taliban were through using the area as a battleground.

I'm not sure what gardens these are.  The two women in this photo are tourists.   Notice how the trees are all gone.  You can see what 30 years of war does to this kind of place.  

This is looking toward downtown Kabul from the fort of Bala Hissar.  The first one was taken after the civil war and possibly during the Taliban regime - probably in the 90's.  The 2nd one was taken sometime after that, and the third was taken in the past 3 or 4 years.  If you look carefully you can see some of the houses in each picture. 

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