Bamiyan Panorama

Bamiyan Panorama

Monday, August 08, 2011

London is rioting - but why?

Why is London rioting?  If you cut through all of the reasons and excuses it comes down to this - no morals.  There is a vacuum of morality.  What does that mean exactly?  I'm trying to figure that out. 

What do you think?  What is morality?  Why is morality important? 

Comedian John Bishop condemns the violence on Richard Bacon's BBC 5 live programme. The star says: "None of us really know what's driving it. It's not rioting for any political reason, it's not rioting for any social motivation, it's not even rioting for a materialistic reason because once the lootings done why set fire to the building? And that to me, gives some sort of indication that people don't feel socially connected to the environment they're in." -BBC 8/9/11

This is being circulated around London - pretty messed up if you ask me!  I like the part that says 'do keep your house clean' - as if that is some new and strange idea. 

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